Summer School: Day One

Photo Prompt

It’s time to jump. 
And not worry about sticking the landing.

It’s time to jump. 
Out of bed and into the kitchen to fix a fresh pot of coffee.

To scribble words in a fresh notebook with your favorite pen while the cool breezes of this early summer morning caress your furrowed brow with the scent of herbs bursting to life over in the garden.

You coaxed them all into life. 
Now it’s time to coax your words – yourself – back to life.

It’s time to jump. 
Past time.

You know you can do this – really do this – but you’ve been frozen here forever, listening to the naysaying chatter of a thousand lesser angels. Delicately balanced on this ledge – a precarious comfort zone, and you know it – while Fear twines weeds and invasive vines around your ankles.

It’s time to jump. 
You don’t need catching.

4 Replies to “Summer School: Day One”

  1. LOVE. You’re my favorite. Thanks for dragging me along. (TBH, I expected anything you would drag me along to to include a chance of being arrested or on the news. I haven’t decided whether I’m disappointed or not.)

    1. We are going to have SO MUCH FUN. I can’t wait to get back into writing with other people. Especially you.

      Also, we have plenty of runway on this friendship for that whole arrested/on the news thing. Don’t rush things.

  2. I missed this. The blog part. The writing prompts. You sharing your writing. All of it.

    Loved this. Also, I must be hormonal because it made me a little teary this morning.

    My favorite part is that I’ve sat in your kitchen and seen your little garden and so I could vividly picture this scene in my head. You, sitting in the kitchen at the table writing. So much love for all of it, and you. XOXO

    1. The last thing I want to do is make you teary, Beth – but I’m still glad you read it. LOL. We need to book another trip for you to see the garden and write at the table with me. Miss you!!

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